Friday, January 7, 2011

Date Night with Reagan

Last night I met up with my friend Reagan for dinner and a movie.

We went to see Black Swan.

It was a really good movie but even just looking at this movie poster today, I'm freaked out. I feel like I'm reliving it all over again! It was a little confusing and really disturbing. We had to cover our eyes during parts of it. But I think it was a really artistic movie and you have to try to look at everything that's happening as a symbol for something else. I really have no clue...It's probably supposed to mean something totally different than what I think it does. And Reagan and I left with a bunch of questions. But I told her that I bet we would figure more of it out if we saw it a second time. You know how you see a movie over and over and you catch on to different things that you didn't see the first time you saw it? I have a feeling this movie is meant to be watched a couple of times to be able to understand it. At least for me anyway...

But I give the night a 2 thumbs up!

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