Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Aren't they just the cutest ever!?! These are my boys. And yes, I made them sit next to each other for this picture. It was right at bedtime though so I got them while they were very sleepy and would do just about anything so I would hurry up and get out of there so they could pass out.

Last week Brutus did a disappearing act...with his 2 front teeth!
Do you see the red gums? Well 2 little teeth used to be there!

Yes, they were 2 gross little, plaque covered teeth. But sometimes they were clean and cute!
Brutus loves playing tug-of-war more than anything. And I think over time, and lots of tug-of-war games with David and Peanut, the teeth were loosened, pulled forward, and eventually pulled out. So it is...his infamous under bite is changed forever.

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