Monday, January 24, 2011

Very lazy and cold weekend

This weekend was a pretty lazy one. I got my grocery shopping done and out of the way on my way home Friday night. And David asked me why I had to do it on Friday and not just wait until Saturday and we could go response..."What if I don't want to get up and put my makeup on Saturday!?" And I have a new rule that David will NEVER do a Wal-Mart trip with me again. I've left this story out and I think it's best that I do...but it's my new rule and I'm just going to leave it at that!

So after the Wal-Mart trip, I came home, we ate a good dinner, and I headed straight to the couch and fell asleep. It was a perfect evening after a long work week!

I fought it all day Saturday, but David was watching basketball and my wheels were spinning in my head about my dining room makeover. So I got up, PUT MY MAKEUP ON, and headed to Hobby Lobby to look for fabric for my new curtains (the first step in the dining room makeover). After a trip to 2 Hobby Lobbys, I came home with nothing and even more frustrated. I just couldn't find what I was picturing in my head. So I will wait.

Saturday night we had a movie marathon, interrupted by a trip to Braum's for some dessert after dinner, and then we were in bed by midnight. Another perfect evening for me!

Yesterday was a perfectly lazy Sunday. We watched movies, Football (Go Packers!), gave the dogs a bath, and caught up on the DVR. We actually did get out of the house to walk around the block even though it was 27 degrees! I know I should have taken some pictures of us, but I didn't have any makeup on! I had my whole ski outfit on...the pants, the jacket, the hat, the gloves, everything. David made fun of me but I was just preparing for the cold weather!

Project 365:


This is me at work on Friday. I had decided that I needed a new Facebook here you go.


Saturday, I had a mini photo session with the boys. They weren't very excited about it.


Brutus loves getting his hair blown out after a bath. He HATES getting into the bath tub and he acts like he's being tortured the whole time, until he gets out. He LOVES being towel dried and then the hair dryer and then he runs around the house like he just had the best time ever. It's very entertaining.

I know what you're thinking...Is this Project 365 just going to be 365 pictures of me and the dogs? Well I hope not! But January is a pretty slow month for us without a lot going on, so it might just be this way while it's cold outside!

P.S. This is how I found Peanut when it was time to go to bed last night:

He was exhausted after his bath.

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