Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vacation Part 3 - Florida Day 2

We spent the second day of our Florida vacation at the pool.
But first, a picture of C&C in their matching jammers sitting on the stairs. They did really good with the stairs. I was worried that we were going to constantly be dragging them off the stairs the whole trip, but they would usually just go up the first couple of steps and sit there.
Before we went on vacation, I could never get either one of them to wear their sunglasses or hats. But something changed for Chloe, and she was obsessed with her sunglasses and wore her hat most of the time. We actually lost one hat in the ocean and she kept touching her head looking for her hat. So GiGi and Papaw bought her a new one.
We went out to dinner that night wearing our patriotic outfits since it was Memorial Day!
After dinner, we stopped for ice cream. Chloe loved and Connor wouldn't even try it until we were almost all finished. He still really wasn't that crazy about it. They even had ice cream at school when we got back and the teacher told me that Connor wouldn't try it.
Chloe tried a little bit of everyone's ice cream.

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