Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1st Trip to the Aquarium

We started Saturday morning out with swimming lessons.
She looks so big here!
And my attempt to get a picture of them together.  Never gonna happen. 
It was so cold on Saturday.  It is May and the temp is in the 30 and 40s!  And rainy!  I swear it has rained every Saturday that we've gone to swimming lessons. 
After swimming lessons and a quick nap, we bundled up and went to the Aquarium.
Yes, we were in sweatshirts, hats, and blankets! And Sophia of course. 
They pointed at everything.
Connor started acting like he didn't feel very good.  He would smile and point but he was content on staying in the stroller with his bink and his blankie.
Chloe was not about to sit in the stroller.  She wanted be be up and running around.
Again, my attempt at getting a picture of them together...

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