Thursday, May 2, 2013


We finally got to play outside last night after dinner. All of us have been suffering from allergies or it's been rainy or cold or whatever, but last night was perfect. And we needed to get out and enjoy it because we're now under a freeze/snow watch! In May!
Chloe kicking the ball around. Dad is so proud!
Going to see Brutus.
Connor pointing at cars driving by.  He is always pointing!
I asked them where the cars are..."I don't know".  They do their hands like this if you ask them where anything is.
I asked her where the tree is (yes, we only have one!) and first she shrugged her shoulders and then pointed to the tree and ran to it.  They know what a tree is!  I'm always asking where things are so I can see what they know.  I'm always amazed.
I asked him where the tree is (there was a big one right next to us in our neighbors yard) and he does his "I don't know" while looking right up at it. Funny boy!
This big girl can climb up the ladder all by herself now!
Showing me his teeth.  And yes, he really is that tan all the time.

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