Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Buds

We had SUCH a good long weekend! Again, more of a lot of nothing and busy at the same time! One day I'll figure out how that happens!
C&C had their 15 month check up on Thursday.
Big kids in the waiting room (watching cartoons of course).
Looking at the fish in the waiting room.
I snapped this of them before their shots.  I HATE it when they have shots, especially if I'm there by myself!  They are both screaming in pain and I can't console both of them at the same time so a nurse has to hold one of them until they calm down enough for me to dress them.  It's horrible!
They were troopers though.
I don't have all of their measurements and %tiles but I do know that Connor weighs 27 pounds and Chloe weighs 21 pounds. 
David and I took the day off and went shopping on Friday and bought the kids a few things. We got Chloe a Sofia the First doll because it's her favorite show and we got Connor Mickey Mouse bath toys. Here is a blurry picture of Chloe carrying her Sofia. She loves her!
Gigi went to swimming lessons with us because David was out of town for the day and I didn't want to miss because we missed last week because I was sick.  They still love it and are getting more brave!
At their check up, I found out that Chloe has an ear infection.  She has been handling it pretty well except for nap time on Saturday.  She just wanted to cuddle, so I didn't argue with her.
Since David was gone on Saturday, it was just me and the kids.  I usually have mixed emotions about days like this.  I get so excited that I get to spend the whole day with them but I also sometimes get anxiety about how much they are going to wear me out with tantrums and fighting or no naps, etc.  But this weekend was so much different.  I don't know if it's the new school, or that they are currently not teething too bad or what, but they were so much fun this weekend.  They played together so well for a change, almost like they are best buddies.  There were no fits or tantrums and very little fighting over toys, I mean, maybe like only 2 or 3 times total!
We had so much fun and they were full of giggles and hugs and kisses.
This is Connor giving Chloe a hug.  I'm trying to teach them to put their arms around each other for a hug but for now they just lean their heads on each other to give hugs.
Giving each other kisses.  This melts my heart every time.  By the way, I had to tell them to kiss 3 times to get this picture so it's the best I could do.  Again, I'm either too lazy or too busy to get my good camera out, so we're living with iPhone pictures lately!
It was so nice outside on Sunday!  We got outside and had our snack and went to the park with Gigi when David got home.

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