Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Momma

I'm on a roll with all of these blog posts! 3 posts in 3 days! Why so many posts? Well, this is basically my baby book. At the end of 2012, I made my blog for the year into a book of over 200 pages and it had all of my posts of the babies' first year in it. It's better than any baby book or scrapbook I could make. So I want to make sure I document all of the memories on this blog. Even the little ones.
This little girl is turning into a little momma. She has always been a big helper by bringing me things, picking things up, etc. But now she is starting to take care of her brother. She takes him things like his shoes when we are getting ready, his hat, his blankie, snacks, and she even tries to put his Mickey in his bed for him at bedtime.
Yesterday, when I picked the kids up from school, the teacher asked me if they sleep together or separate at home and I told her that they sleep in separate cribs. She then told me that at nap time they started out on separate mats right next to each other but the next time she looked at them Chloe had gone over to Connor's mat and was asleep with her arm around him. How sweet is that?!
 I'm so sad that I missed a moment like that but it made me feel so good to 1)hear the teacher tell me about these special moments and 2)know that they are looking out for each other.
They are really starting to interact with each other more and more. They laugh at each other and sometimes share and play with the same thing at the same time. They give hugs and even kisses now to each other when we tell them to, not on their own yet.
In the mornings, I get Chloe up and dressed first and when I bring Connor in to the living room, he lays on my chest for a few minutes to wake up and I tell Chloe to come wake him up. She walks over to the couch and pats him on the back to wake him up.
Connor has been super fussy the last few days and I just thought it was due to a very busy weekend and the change in routine at the new school. But last night we saw that he is getting one of his big teeth in the back in. I felt so bad that I had been getting so frustrated with him lately because of all the crying and whining when I should have known all along it was teething. So this will be his 9th tooth! I gave him some Motrin last night before bed. I have found this works better than teething tablet or gel. He slept all night and woke up all smiles this morning.


  1. ARE THOSE SIPPY CUPS?! if so, PLEASE tell me where you got them, too cute!

    -Melissa Juliet

    1. Melissa,
      I think I got them at Wal-Mart. I randomly grab sippy cups from stores all the time so I don't have to hand wash all the time. I think they are NUK brand and they come with handles on them that you can take off. They are less likely to throw them down if I take the handles off.