Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Date Night

We were VERY active this weekend! Not really doing a whole lot but staying busy the whole time! I'm not really sure how that happens, but it does with 2 busy toddlers. It was also very nice outside most of the weekend so we wanted to get out and enjoy it. First up, we sat outside after we got home from work/school to have a little snack and watch all the cars coming home.
Saturday morning, we had a blast at swimming lessons. I don't have any pictures but they really enjoyed it. They love splashing and swimming and falling into the water with us holding them. They're getting very brave. After swimming lessons, they played for a little bit and then took a 3 hour nap!
After their nap, we played outside and then got dressed to go out to eat at Chick-fil-a. So fancy, I know! But it's perfect for kids. Even though C&C aren't big enough to play in the play area, they still like to see all of the other kids running around the whole time. Also, it's probably the most kid friendly place. They always have plenty of high chairs available, they have good kids meals and also have kids snacks, like little things of Cheerios. And they have the plastic placemats that stick to the tables that I usually buy and bring everywhere we eat anyway.
We also met the Chick-Fil-A cow. Connor has a thing for cows and can say "Mooooo" when we ask him what a cow says. So he spotted the cow across the restuarant and started pointing. He's really big into pointing right now.
After we ate, we went to have some frozen yogurt. They loved pushing around all of the furniture. I think David got a little embarrassed but for once I didn't. It's a frozen yogurt place that's filled with kids and I didn't think it was a big deal that my kids were running around enjoying themselves for a minute.
They loved these little red ball chairs but they were very unsturdy. They would fall over every time they tried to get up in them or down from them, which is all they wanted to do of course.
Sunday was full of playing in the play room in the morning, lunch, a short nap and then outside to play with their new Cozy Coupe princess car and truck.
They love to just sit in these cars which worked out great because it gave David and I a chance to get the garage cleaned out.
After that, we went out back to play on the slide. They're getting so much better at it but I still feel like I'm constantly running from one slide to the other making sure they don't fall off. By the way, I'm so happy we got one with 2 slides because all they want to do is climb up the slides and I think it would be a constant fight if there was only one.
They were so exhausted last night that they were in bed alseep by 6:45 and I had to wake them up this morning!

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