Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Add Strep to our list...

The first week at the new school went great! Until Chloe got sent home on Friday with a fever of 102.6. I got her to the doctor and they swabbed her and it turns out she had Strep Throat! Poor baby would cry every time she coughed. She would not let me out of her sight and even slept with us for 2 nights (which has never happened before). And she just didn't sleep in our bed, she had to sleep right on top of me. I got no sleep!
So let's recap our list of illnesses that C&C have had in the last 6 months...
Croup - 3 times
I'm so ready for this weather to make up it's mind and just get to Spring already! This getting warm and then cold again over and over is messing with my babies!
But Saturday was super nice, and luckily Chloe's fever broke and we were able to all go outside and enjoy it!
Chubby legs!
Snack time on the back porch.
They walked around the side of the house to see Brutus.  They usually just stare and point at him.  Connor gets excited to see him, but only from a distance.  He doesn't like to get too close. 
And Chloe is terrified of him so she for sure keeps her distance.  I feel like she's saying "You better stay over there and I mean it!"  She means it so much that she is pointing with 2 fingers!
 I'm always worried that they are going to get sunburned when we are playing outside so I lather them in sunscreen and try to put hats on but they hate hats!  I just keep putting them back on and they keep taking them off.
I told him to put his hat back on.
This is our new outside play toy.  We haven't quite mastered it yet.  They don't like to climb up where they are supposed to, just up the slides and then they get frustrated when they can't get up in it.  And when we put them up in it, they scare me to death that they are going to fall out of it.  I know I will get over it, but they need to be a little bit more sturdy before I can just sit back and let them play on it freely.  They love going down the slides though so we usually just pick them up and let them slide over and over again.  My arms are getting a workout.
 They love playing with their soccer balls and dad even taught them how to kick the balls.  Chloe picked it up and now kicks the ball everywhere.  David jokes that Connor is going to be a goalie because he likes to just pick the ball up and run away.

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