Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had such a busy weekend! I'm exhausted! We ran errands, went to swimming lessons that were cancelled as soon as we got in the water, I hosted a baby shower, we helped GiGi move, we went out to dinner, we celebrated Easter, and we got ready to start our new school today (more on that in a later post).
I have wanted to use these freaking double shopping carts forever, but the Target closest to us doesn't have them, only the Target 25 minutes away has them. I personally think every shopping place should have these. Not just for twins but a lot of people have more than just one kid so why is every shopping cart just for one?! Ok, there's my rant.
Connor loved walking GiGi's dog Dexter while she was moving.

This year, the Easter Bunny brought:
Beach Balls
New PJs
Peach Applesauce snacks
New shoes
Dump Trucks with blocks

Chloe went through every bit of it.
Connor went straight for his dump truck and has been playing with it nonstop every time he's gotten the chance.
Then, it was time for my little bunnies to eat breakfast.
After breakfast and a short nap, we got all dressed up to go hunt Easter eggs with David's family.

They were obsessed with all of the eggs, but they just wanted to open them all up and chew on them.

They stuck pretty close to mom and dad the whole time.

Playing with cousins.

Connor thought he was a big boy sitting at the table to eat.

My attempt at getting in some of the pics with the kids...

I'm pretty sure Connor had an egg in his hand the whole day.

It was finally time for the adults to hide the Easter eggs! Connor waited patiently...

Time to hunt some eggs!

They did good at first. They found a few eggs and put them in their baskets but it was a little hard to walk in the yard so they kept falling over and eventually Connor just played with one egg and Chloe sat down and played with a rock. They lost interest pretty quickly and we were missing a nap so I took would I could get.
I can't believe how big they look!

This was Easter last year:

This year:

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