Monday, November 18, 2013

Santa Visit 2013

This is our second year to visit Santa. I always like to go before Thanksgiving because 1)there are no lines 2)I can get a photo gift ornament ready for everyone before we visit family at Thanksgiving and 3)there is just no time in December!
I love the Santa at our mall. He has a real beard and just looks so nice and jolly! This year he said "Bye Connor. Bye Chloe. I love you."
Here is our Santa picture from last year.
And here is our Santa picture from this year.
Connor and Chloe are in a phase where they cling to Momma, especially when there are strangers around. So I fully expected them to be screaming with arms out reaching for me in our picture this year. But that didn't happen.
I got really nervous when it was time to set them down on his lap. I was all prepared to set them down and run. I was prepping David to do it as fast as he could and to not let Connor see Santa before getting on his lap. But we set them down and they looked around and looked at us and looked at Santa.
 And since there was no line, we got to sit there and make silly faces and yell in really high pitched voices for as long as we wanted while the photographer snapped away trying to get one with them both looking. It's pretty impossible. But we got close.
Connor came home with a fever the day before and we had spent over 2 hours in Urgent Care that night so I think he still looks a little sick. But I'm happy with it.
Here is another outtake I got.
Chloe was checking out what had a hold of her.
And my mom caught this moment of Chloe giving Santa the stink eye.
After our visit with Santa, we rode the Carousel, visited the Disney store where the kids were ready to jump out of their seats they were so excited, and rode a few other little rides.

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