Monday, February 18, 2013

Out to dinner and sick again!

My parents came to spend some time with C&C this weekend. I took the afternoon off on Friday and we met for lunch at Chick-fil-a. C&C loved seeing all of the other kids there and it just made me wish I was a stay at home mom like all the other moms that were there.
Connor playing with Papaw and his phone.
Me and Sis
Chloe being silly.
That night we went out to eat at a Japanese Steak house. I thought C&C might like the fire and show the cooks put on right in front of us. I was wrong, kind of.
Connor's eyes would get really big but I don't think it really upset him too much. Chloe would start to cry but got over it pretty quickly. They both LOVED the food though! I wasn't sure how much they would actually eat though so I had given them a snack before we went, some cheerios when we got there and a fruit and veggie pouch and they still ate a full meal after it was cooked!
Chloe got so full that eventually she just laid back like "I give up!" But of course she still had room for sherbert at the end!
Connor would have kept eating as long as we put something in front of him!
Connor started getting a little sick on Friday. He started with the barking cough and a little wheezing. But he was acting like he felt fine and I was just crossing my fingers that it wasn't the croup again. He woke up around 5:30 Saturday morning with his cough and wheezing worse so we took him to Urgent care and they gave him a steroid shot to help open up his airway. This is the third time he's had the croup and I HATE it! He was feeling much better by Saturday afternoon and is completely back to normal now.

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