Thursday, February 21, 2013

First time to play in the snow

It snowed all day yesterday and all I kept thinking about when I was sitting in my office watching out my window was that I couldn't wait to get C&C home to play in the snow! It's not their first snow. I think it snowed a little bit shortly after they were born and a few months ago we had some snow flakes but nothing stuck to the ground. But this was their first time to be outside in it and touch it.
Connor is almost walking full time now so he just wanted to walk around in it.
Chloe wanted to touch it and she thought her mittens were funny.
We didn't spend too much time out there because Connor fell down and his pants were soaking wet and cold and David was gone so it was hard to juggle 2 babies trying to walk in the snow and take pictures (and video).

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