Monday, February 11, 2013

Random weekend stuff

We had a pretty uneventful weekend, but it was much needed.
We just took it easy and played and just spent time together.
C&C really love Cheerios. They would probably eat a whole box of Cheerios in one sitting if I let them. They would rather eat Cheerios than anything else, I think.
Every night around 5:30, I try to get dinner started. First of all, it's freaking hard trying to figure out what to make everyone to eat! I'm picky, Chloe's picky, David's hungry, Connor's hungry, I'm hungry, I don't know how to cook, and the list of stress goes on and on every night. So I decided to start meal planning and it's working out so far. At the beginning of the week, I write out a plan for all meals and then go to the grocery store just for those specific items. This way, it's already planned out, I don't have to think about it at 5:30 pm every night because that part is already done, I just have to cook it. I don't give David options anymore because I'm tired of the "I don't know, what do you want" conversation. I do give him a "DIY" night where he can make whatever he wants for dinner and I will make what I want, since I'm picky and don't like some of the things he really does like.  I also try to make dinners that C&C can and will eat with us.
Anyway, as I'm trying to get dinner going, I now I have 2 very mobile toddlers at my feet wanting food right then, or wanting to be held or just want attention. Sometimes, turning on cartoons works for a few minutes and sometimes they play with their toys in the living room together, and sometimes I open the Tupperware drawer and let them go to town.
But none of that was working on Friday night so I filled up their snack cups with Cheerios and they were still for a good 10 minutes.
I'm happy they finally figured out how to use the snack cups but now I just have cheerios all over the floor because for every one that Chloe pulls out she drops 7 more on the floor. No big deal when Connor is right there to clean all of them up for her.
We're also putting these kids to work! C&C love opening and closing the trash can. So I decided it was time to teach them what it was used for. We successfully trained them to throw their own diapers away! They think it's fun and they walk to the trash can with big smiles on their faces and are so proud after they throw the diaper away.
Chloe off to throw her diaper away.
There is only one problem with this lesson though...I've caught Chloe trying to throw away other things like blocks and toys a few times and one time she brought me a crumpled up paper towel from the trash can. She was so proud of herself though!

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