Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's been pretty amazing to watch the twins change and grow and develop personalities.
Recently, Chloe has started giving hugs and kisses. I think it first started with her Moo Moo and now she does it to baby dolls and stuffed animals. If she is digging through a toy box and finds a baby doll or stuffed animal she will will pick it up and hug it and sometimes make a "mmmm" sound (I think because when we see her hug something we say "awwww, so sweet").
She also hugs us. If we're on the floor playing, she will sometimes stop playing and come over to one of us and crawl up in our lap and give us a hug and sit for a few seconds and then get back down and continue to play.
Connor has also started to give us "kisses".
So last week, when the twins were playing next to each other, we said "Connor, give sister hugs" and he leaned in with just his head and put his head on her shoulder. This is how he gives hugs and it's so funny. He doesn't do it every time we say it because he doesn't listen to us half the time, but when he does he will lean in and put just his head on her and smile up at us (again because we say "awww, so sweet").
Last night we went on a walk and pulled the kids in the wagon. They were facing each other and reaching out and playing with each other so I told Connor to give sister a hug and he leaned down and put his head on the wagon. He was hugging the wagon instead of Chloe! It was still cute though!
Then last night in the bath tub, we told him once again (because it will never get old and I want a picture of it!) to hug sissy. But this was one of those times he wasn't listening to us. But Chloe heard us and leaned in and wrapped her arms around Connor and kissed him on the back. It melted my heart!

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