Monday, September 29, 2014

Disney on Ice and the Fair

We took Friday off to take Connor and Chloe to see Disney on Ice at the Tulsa State Fair.
Yes, I'm the cheap mom that refused to pay $30 for a flashy light up thing they sell at these things.  I brought my own $.99 glow necklaces and bracelets and they never knew the difference.
Connor hates having his picture taken lately. But I do it anyway, of course.
They're getting a little too big for the stroller. And they wanted to walk the whole time anyway, so they were in and out of it. But I knew they were going to be tired from skipping their nap so my plan was for them to just fall asleep in the stroller. But nope, they weren't falling asleep. So we ended up with really cranky kids that kept telling me "I not tired!" "I don't need to go potty!"
I told Connor not to look at me...and I got the cutest pictures of him.
Chloe was a little creeped out by the giant butterflies (I kind of was too), but eventually she let me put one on her shoulder.
And after telling me she wasn't tired about 100 times, this happened as soon as we got in the car.
Chloe is still too short to ride any of the rides, so we had to stay away from that section to avoid a meltdown. Maybe next year.
 They didn't want to try any of the good fair food, so we wasted a little bit of money on things they said they wanted and then didn't eat.
Disney on Ice is a little too long in my opinion and they lose interest, so I think we'll skip that next year. But they have talked about seeing the princesses and Buzz since, so at least they enjoyed it a little bit. I do like that we went on a Friday this year instead of Saturday because I think we avoided the really big crowds.
 Overall, I think next year will be more fun for all of us.

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