Monday, September 15, 2014

Cooper's first trip to the Zoo!

We spent the morning at the Zoo yesterday and it was Cooper's first trip!
On the way there, we were asking the kids what they wanted to see most at the Zoo that day. Connor wanted to see the turtles and Chloe wanted to see the Zebras. She always wants to see the Zebra and our zoo doesn't have Zebras so the whole time she is asking over and over and we just keep saying that we're looking for them.
We asked them if they wanted to see the dinosaurs again and they both said no. So we were ok with that since it's an extra ticket for all 4 of us to see them. So turtles and zebras were our main focus. Oh, and Connor threw in lions at the last minute.
He was telling me not to take his picture.
Connor was excited to see this dinosaur and ran up to it with no problems. Chloe wasn't so sure and kept her distance.
David trying to get Chloe to come closer.
 I'm pretty sure the image of the dinosaur eating her dad isn't going to help!
But he was screaming for help, so she came to rescue him...
Then it was off to see the turtles.
Next up was the giraffes.

This boy loves lions. And this was the first time that we've actually ever seen the lion awake! And he kept roaring, but of course not while we were right there. We would be looking at something else and hear the lion roar and run over there and then he would stop. Connor roared at the lion though...
The dinosaur exhibit was right after the playground so we started hearing them and seeing them through the fence and Connor started getting excited and said he wanted to go see them. We talked Chloe into it and we all went in.
Chloe was still a little scared but we made it through with no tears and they even agreed to take a picture with T-Rex!
It was getting close to lunch time so we headed to ride the carousel and train before we left.
And finally...the zebra. Yes, we tell her this is the zebra. And she's ok with it.
Cooper did so good. It's so much easier to stray from a schedule with just one baby. He ate, he looked around, and he slept.
The train is still by far the twins favorite part of the zoo.

This was our family of 4 just 6 months ago on the train...
And now our family of 5 on the train...

David is wearing the same shirt! And Connor has a different hat obsession but he still has a hat on.

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