Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Weekend - A long random post...

Saturday morning, Chloe and I went to our Mommy and Me Dance class.
After that, we picked up Connor and David and went to get Connor's hair cut. I love his curls, but it's out of control. It looks like he has bad bedhead all the time, even if we brush it.
I've had it cut once before but it was just a trim, no clippers. And I've cut it myself about 6 times. But I thought it was time for a real little man hair cut.
I was so nervous I was going to hate it and just regret it all, but I knew it would grow pretty fast if I did.
He did so good. He sat in the chair by himself, which I didn't expect him to do, and he sat still and just looked in the mirror the whole time. He even sat still for the clippers and the spray bottle. It was so fast and of course he loved getting a sucker.
Chloe was the one that got upset because she had to sit with Daddy instead of stand with me.
The rest of the day, we took a nap and played.
Connor and his big boy haircut. He looks so big now!
There was a chance of snow on Sunday so we made plans to have no plans and just stayed in our jammies.
We played in our rooms and upstairs in the playroom. One time, I even found Connor playing with his pirate ship in the trampoline with it zipped up, like he wanted everyone to keep out!
We watched the snow start to fall.
Connor is obsessed with lions right now. He loves toy lions, lions in books, lions on puzzles, lions on the iPad, The Lion King, you name it, he loves it.
David uses these cones for soccer but they've been up in the playroom forever. Connor found them and put them on his head and eventually Chloe's and he would say "Happy Birthday Chloe!" It was so funny. He must have thought they were birthday hats.
After our nap, we played with Play-doh.
We haven't played with it much at the house but they've been playing with it a few times when I've picked them up from school and it's hard to get Connor to put it up so I knew he would love it.
  He sat there for at least 45 minutes playing with it yesterday. He likes to tear it apart and take it in and out of the cup. I should have taken a picture of the floor afterwards...
While Connor was still playing with his play-doh, Chloe wanted to go play in her room. When I went to check on her, she wanted her Sophia the First dress on. She already had the tiara on and then she had to find her shoes. I went back to check on Connor (and the kitchen floor) and I found her coming down the hallway like this...
She wanted to have a tea party so she dragged me back to her room.
This is the look I got when she wanted to me to stop taking pictures and come sit by her for the tea party.
Then Connor joined us. He's always up for a tea party.
This is Chloe throwing her tea cup that Connor just gave her because she didn't want to play tea party anymore. We're working on saying "No thank you Connor" instead...

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