Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stuff I don't want to forget...

The kids say and do so many funny things these days and I really need to be documenting all of them.
Their personalities really do go back and forth every few months.
 At first, it seemed like Chloe was the outgoing one and Connor was the laid back, relaxed one. Then it switched to Connor being the jabberer and talking nonstop and Chloe being so quiet that I thought something was wrong with her all the time.
 Now it has switched again and Chloe is talking nonstop and Connor a little more reserved but not by much.
  It's like she is coming out of her shell or just figuring her personality out. She is very sweet and says things like "Awe, how cute" all the time. But she is also very strong willed and doesn't forget anything.
Yes, she lined up her princesses.
She is always asking "What's that?".
She is very observant of people being "sad" on TV and wants to know why they are sad.
She is a big copy cat when it comes to Connor. If he starts laughing, she will start laughing, if he starts making a funny noise, she will make the same noise. If he starts banging his cup on his high chair, she starts banging his. If he screams that he wants chocolate milk, she automatically wants chocolate milk instead of the juice she just asked for.
If he fell down and got a boo boo and you ask him about it, in less than 2 seconds she will run up and say "Chloe fell down too" with a pouty lip and she immediately follows it with "but I be okay".
If Connor says he's a pirate, she will say she's a pirate too and say "Arg!"
It's almost like the SNL skit with Kristen Wigg where she says she does everything everyone else in the room has done only better.
She used to sit in her crib and play on Saturday mornings until we came and got her but she now starts yelling "I get up now!" over and over until we come get her.
She sits on the potty just to get M&Ms and every once in a while will actually pee pee and we make a huge deal about it and give her even more M&Ms.
 Connor is not impressed by the M&Ms and refuses to sit on the potty.
They have recently started fighting over me.  Not really for my attention but just about who's Mommy I am.  Chloe will say "My Mommy" and Connor will yell "MY MOMMY!" and it goes back and forth until we can get them to change the subject. 
They both think the word "Poopy" is hilarious and will say it over and over again and give each other the giggles.
The other night they thought it was hilarious to take turns hitting each other on the top of the head in the bathtub and when they start doing something like this they say "Chloe's turn", "Now Connor do it".
They like to put bubbles on each other's head and say "Bubble Head!" and giggle until their face turns red.
They also got the giggles when they started sitting on each other in the bathtub.
Most of our giggle moments happen in the bath tub. Maybe because they are confined to one spot together for a little bit or maybe because it's almost bedtime and they are delirious. Who knows.
After their bath each night, we take them to the couch and put lotion and jammies on them while they watch Little Einstein's. They play along and do all of the motions in the show and when it's over they say "Over, brush teeth" and we go brush our teeth, say our goodnights, put Chloe to bed, I rock Connor for one round of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that we sing together, and then he tells me "Night night time" and I put him in his bed. They know their routine and I think that's why we have been lucky so far with them not fighting us to go to bed. We've done it like this for as long as I can remember. Thank goodness Little Einstein's is on Demand for the nights it's not on TV!

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