Thursday, February 6, 2014


Yesterday, we had our big measurement ultrasound for the "Mystery Baby" (that's how it's listed on our chart at the doctor's office because we aren't finding out what we are having).
I know the pictures are hard to make out if you weren't there to have the tech walk you through it, but I want to post them anyway.
This is a picture of the baby looking right at us (or right at the inside of my belly, but you know what I mean).
The doctor said everything is looking great and I have had nothing really going on to ask him about so it was short and sweet. This is all so different from the twin pregnancy. It seemed like every appointment was a big deal and I had so many questions and we had so many concerns.
  The baby is a crazy mover, like all the time. And it's so weird to just feel it in one spot compared to feeling it everywhere with the twins.
The baby is also a thumb sucker, or at least we caught it trying to suck on it's fingers or hand. We also set our date for the c-section, so that's exciting to know a for sure date now.
126 days to go!

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