Monday, February 24, 2014


We had a busy, fun-filled day on Saturday.
 First, Chloe and I had Dance, then we went grocery shopping while the boys went to Home Depot and Target.
After lunch and a nap, we loaded up our beach towels and went swimming at the local YMCA. Well, Daddy, Connor, and Chloe went swimming while I watched and took pictures.
This girl loved it and even surprised us by just floating around on her belly and trying to kick her feet like she was swimming. She would even put her face all the way in the water and come up smiling.
We haven't been in a swimming pool since last summer and I'm sure they have forgotten all about it so when we got the floaties out Chloe asked "What's that?"
Connor was content on just walking around and splashing and he would come by me every once in a while and tell me about the shark on his float. I also noticed him following Chloe around while she swam everywhere.
Chloe loves slides so I wasn't surprised when she said she wanted to go down the slide. I was so nervous since there was water involved and it was a twisty slide instead of a straight one. They still seem way to little for those and end up hitting their heads the whole way down. But David took them up there and we just went for it and they loved it! Chloe went down about 10 times in a row but then it was time to go. Connor was happy just watching her after he went down about 5 times.
We live right next to a little airport where people fly private planes and small kit planes and stuff just for fun. So we are always watching the airplanes fly. On our way home from swimming, it was so nice outside that we weren't ready to go in just yet so we headed down to the runway to watch the airplanes take off and land.
  I decided to go to a kids consignment sale on Saturday night and got a few good deals and found some fun new to us toys for the kids. I couldn't wait to show them what I got Sunday morning... Connor got some Buzz Lightyear wings and a Jake doll and Chloe got a Hello Kitty purse and some electronic kitty cats that walk, meow, and purr.
Connor loved that his new Jake had a sword just like him!
I also was in the process of cleaning out Connor's room and closet and he found his cowboy boots and wanted to wear them so he could be like Buzz AND Woody (and at this point we had to watch Toy Story).
He wanted me to get a picture of the back.
They're now in a phase where when Connor does something, Chloe has to do it too. Or if Connor fell down, Chloe will tell you that she fell down too. Well, Connor had his boots on so Chloe had to have hers on. And Connor had a little bump on his leg and Chloe kept saying she has a bump too but that she will "be ok".

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