Monday, February 3, 2014

Mickey and Minnie 2nd Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, we had a Mickey and Minnie themed birthday party for Connor and Chloe. They love Mickey and Minnie and were so excited when they got up from their nap and saw all of the decorations. Chloe got her "balloons up high" and Connor got his "Mickey Mouse cake". Those were the two requests from them.
We had a guy making balloons animals inside and a bounce house outside. When you have a January birthday, you never know what the weather is going to do. Last year, it was 60 degrees outside and perfect. This year was calling for the same but I wanted to be prepared if we were stuck inside.
The temperature was nice, it was just really windy and the bounce house didn't stand up straight once. But I think all of the kids had fun running in and out of the house the whole time.
Chloe had no problem poking her cake and licking all of the icing. Connor doesn't like to get his hands really messy when he eats and I'm asked to clean them off for him several times during a meal. So I knew he wouldn't just dig right in. He ended up getting upset about the cake being on his hands to so I got him a fork.
Connor and Chloe had lots of practice opening presents at Christmas so they knew just what to do when it was time to open their birthday gifts. Chloe rips right in and is ready to move on to the next one after she sees what it is. Connor would rather us open each gift completely so he can play with it and could care less about opening the next one.
Overall, I think the party was great. I think Connor and Chloe really enjoyed it so much more this year even if they didn't really understand what it was all about. But it was a lot of work for this pregnant momma. I was exhausted, but happy that they had so much fun. I think it's time to do a party somewhere else next year (with less work for me!).

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