Monday, February 10, 2014

Old Navy Fashion Show

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook about a kid fashion show at our local Old Navy. I thought it would be cute and it's just for fun, so if they throw a huge fit during it would be no big deal.
I called to get details was told someone would call me back. Well, they never did, so I just forgot about it until this past Thursday when the manager of the store called to tell me that they twins needed to come in to try their outfits on.
 So we did. And it was a disaster. Chloe did fine. She is easily distracted by the toys they had in the store, but not Connor. He is usually the one that actually does like to try on new clothes for me, but not this time. He screamed and screamed and I experienced my first public temper tantrum. I knew it was their fussy time of day so I just summed it up to that and moved on.
For the next few days, I would talk to them about being in the fashion show to get them really excited about it. I've found that talking about this stuff over and over helps so they aren't just thrown into it and get scared. We did the same thing with Santa and their birthday party and it seemed to work (Connor is still talking about Santa and our elf Boomer).
The show was yesterday afternoon at 2:00 but we had to be there early to get dressed. And yes, this was right at their naptime, but I figured we would be good since they both slept in a little and we had just layed around all morning instead of playing too hard. Chloe started getting a little sleepy right after lunch so I decided to try to lay them down for about 45 minutes. I had no idea if this was going to turn out good or bad. Chloe never actually fell asleep, she just played in her bed, but Connor did fall asleep and that worried me.  He usually doesn't wake up from his naps in a very good mood and he already hated trying on the clothes so I was getting nervous.
When we got there, we headed to the dressing room and luckily David was with me this time and I had help getting them dressed. We got Connor's pants on but when we put his shirt on he started screaming and yelling "Connor's clothes! Connor's clothes!". So when we got out of the dressing room, I was trying to calm him down and keep him from ripping the buttons off of his shirt to get it off. We walked around and he fell in love with this dog...
Chloe liked the little girls bows.
Then Chloe tried to get on the dog.
Chloe hugging the little girl.
That had calmed Connor down and then it was time to get our instructions for the show. Then we had to wait for our turn and I thought we were going to lose it all over again. I had to keep him distracted so we played with my phone.
I'm so glad I got this picture. I know it's blury of Chloe but Connor is in a blowing bubbles phase and he does it constantly.
This girl was ready to strut her stuff. I would ask her if she was ready and she would nod her head and say "I do it, ok".
I didn't get any pictures of them actually walking because I had to guide them down and David was recording it. But this is at the end of the show when all the kids walked down together.
I can't believe they actually held hands without fighting! And look how much taller Connor is than her!
It was fun and cute to see them do something like that. I'm so proud of them for actually walking down the runway by themselves and not running and screaming! Chloe even gave a wave when she got to the end.

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