Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I'm proud to say that Easter weekend started off with the babies sleeping through the night on Friday night! They slept 9 hours on Friday night and 8 hours on Saturday night! I had changed up their feedings a little bit, added one more before bedtime and didn't wake them up for their normal 1:00 and they slept right on through.
Chloe woke up about an hour before I had hoped they would wake up, but she would go back to sleep and then wake up and fuss a little and then go back to sleep, and then I would wake them up at 6:00 am (this is their normal time to eat during the week).
I'm so proud of them (even though this morning was a little different story...Chloe woke up at 4:00 am, so we're still working on it!)

Here is some fun camera time on Saturday night...

Easter morning playtime...

For their 1st Easter, the Easter Bunny brought the babies personalized Easter baskets to use next year and every year after that, no candy (babies don't eat candy! But momma would have loved some...)

We're still working on Brother holding his head up! He doesn't have it figured out yet.

Sister's got it down though. I think she loves sitting up and being able to look around at everything.

It's hard work trying to hold that head up!

That tongue hangs out about 82% of the time!

Me and my fresh orange spray tan...and Connor's tongue!

Laid back Brother...

Silly Sister...

Happy Easter!


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