Monday, April 30, 2012

Keeps getting better

Everyone told me that there will be this magical moment when the babies get to 3 months and everything will just get easier. Well, the babies turned 3 months almost 2 weeks ago and I didn't notice any kind of magical moment...until this weekend. I'm not saying something just snapped inside of them and they were completely different babies. But I did notice a little bit of a change. They've started staying up longer in between their feed/wake/sleep cycles and playing and laughing more. Connor is holding his head up better during tummy time.
I think this looks like he's saying "Hey sister, you do it like this..."
"Ta Da!"

Chloe is smiling a lot more and even fell asleep in my arms twice yesterday! This is a big change for my independent girl that just wants to be left alone in her crib to sleep all the time. And I'm very proud of her for being able to sleep on her own, but sometimes I just want to cuddle with her!
And if you're wondering, she's sitting inside 2 boppies stacked on top of each other. I know it looks a little weird, but she likes to sit straight up like a big girl and this works perfectly!
Connor took pretty good naps all weekend, which is a huge change! Yes, we had to rock him to sleep to get him to nap, but he didn't seem to fight it as much as usual. Yesterday morning, they took a 3 hour nap and fell asleep in the same position.
We sat outside while Daddy worked on the flowerbed and tried out some new binkies.
Chloe really only liked her's for about 5 minutes. She isn't a binky kind of girl.
But Connor loves his new binky...and I'm afraid I'm just creating a problem. I'm sure I'll kick myself when look back on this when he's 5 and still carrying around that binky!

We played on the floor together.
And we did a little talking that is...

All in all, it turned out to be more of a fun weekend with the babies instead of a stressed out exhausting weekend like we've had in the past :)

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