Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Toddler Talk

Just some funny things the kids have said lately:
When I ask them if they want to have a birthday party, Connor says "Yeah! Mickey Mouse!" and all Chloe says is "Balloons up high" and points to the ceiling. The last birthday party we went to had balloons with strings for decoration and I guess she hasn't forgotten about it. It's her only request for her party.
Connor has turned into the bossy one. He is always telling Chloe "No No Chloe" or "Get down Chloe" or "Come on Chloe". I'm very surprised it's not the other way around but I'm sure it will switch later on.
Every once in a while Connor still tells me that Boomer (our elf on the shelf) is with Santa Claus. He misses him.
Football has been on a lot lately in our house and I think Chloe is sick of it. If there is a game on when she walks in the living room, she shakes her head and says "No watching football game". She says the same thing when basketball is on and still calls it football.
When you ask Connor a question you either get "Yeah!" or "OHkay" for an answer.
David will ask the kids to give him a kiss and if they say "No!" David will put his head in his hands and pretend to cry like they hurt his feelings. Connor will usually then go over and give him a kiss but the other day Chloe dropped whatever she was doing and went across the room and picked his head up out of his hands and said in the sweetest, most empathetic voice "It's ok Daddy" and sticks out her bottom lip and she gave him a hug. I know it's wrong, but we now pretend to cry all the time just so we can hear her say it to us.
The other day, when I picked the kids up from school I was asking Connor how his day was and he said "I fall" and Chloe immediately said, in her sweet empathetic voice "he's ok".
There is a little girl at school that likes Chloe's hat and tries to touch it every day when I'm putting it on her to leave and yesterday Chloe yelled "No touch hat!"
It has snowed alot recently and just because there is snow on the ground, every day Connor says "It's snowing" and Chloe will say "It's not snowing" and they go back and forth like a little argument.
David will tickle Chloe and she has started saying "Stop that! Stop that Daddy!". And I was making a funny face at her or a funny noise or something and she said "Stop that momma!" I also tried putting a ponytail in her hair this morning and got told "Stop that momma! No ponytail!"
We have been trying to teach the kids to say their full name when we ask them what their names are and I think Connor is confused. He says his name is "Connor Brynn Dunaway". That's Chloe's middle name.

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