Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throw Back Thursday and some Randoms

I can't believe these little babies are turning 2 this weekend!
Our first family photo:
The first time I saw one of my babies (Connor):
Daddy feeding Chloe. She was SO tiny.
The day we took Connor home. Chloe had to stay a little while longer.
Last night, when we were putting the kids to bed, David asked Chloe randomly if she wanted to sleep with Bubba and she said "Yah!" So we both just looked at each other like "should we really let them sleep together or is this a bad idea?". Well, she insisted on it so we let them and I fully expected to hear jabber and giggles as soon as we shut the door. But there was nothing. They both laid there awake in silence for about 20 minutes before Chloe fell asleep and Connor was right after her.
But around 10:30 I heard "No Chloe, No Chloe!" and when I looked at the monitor, she was trying to give him a binky and he was asleep. So David went and got her and put her in her bed and she feel right to sleep.
Last night when we were getting ready to take a bath, Chloe really wanted to sit on the potty. So I put Connor in the tub and I undressed Chloe and she went and sat on her little potty. And she sat, and sat, and sat. She was determined to pee pee. I even asked her if she wanted to sit on the big potty and she said yes, so she sat on the big potty, and sat and sat but nothing ever happened. So I put her down and she went back to the little potty. She would get up every once in a while and start taking the potty apart and I would say "Ok Chloe, let's get in the bath" and she would say "No! I potty!". So we waited. I bathed Connor and he was ready to get out. The water was getting cold so I finally just made her get in the bath while she cried the whole time. Still never went pee pee. When I got her out and put a diaper on her, she went pee pee.
  So this morning, her diaper was pretty much dry so I asked her if she wanted to go sit on the potty and she said "yah!" and jumped up and ran to the potty and as soon as she sat down, she pee pee'd! She was so proud of herself. I gave her some M&M's for her accomplishment. And when Connor got up I told her to tell him that she went to the potty like a big girl and she said "Got candy!"

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