Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas #2 - Christmas Eve

We went to David's parents' house for Christmas Eve. I guess we got more video than pictures because this is all that I had on my camera.
They love playing in the playroom over there. And I was going to document every toy they got for Christmas like I did in my last post, but it's been over a week and they got so much stuff for Christmas, I can't remember it all!
They love playing with their cousins too!
When we got home, Boomer had come back from the North Pole with a present for us to open early.
Inside was Christmas pjs for us all to wear and a Christmas book for us to read before bed. Then Santa came...
And then Santa decided that was a lot of stuff for the kids to find first thing in the morning so he put some of it up in the playroom for them to find later...

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