Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas #4 - Christmas Day

After all of our gifts were opened, I tried to get Connor and Chloe to take a short nap before we headed to David's cousin's house for our last Christmas celebration.
Before we went, I asked Chloe if she wanted me to take her picture in front of the tree, and like a sweet angel, she went and sat in front of the tree for me! Connor wanted nothing to do with it.
I was so nervous about how they would act without having a real nap, but they did great! They played and played and played and never once got fussy or clingy.
And you would think, after 4 Christmas celebrations, we would have had at least one family picture with all 4 of us together! But we don't! So that night, after I had forgotten to do it while the kids were still dressed in their cute outfits, and after bath time, I set the camera up to take our picture.
Connor was so tired and I look horrible and tired but here they are, our Christmas pictures for 2013.

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