Monday, June 4, 2012


We had a weekend full of play time and of course I had to get my camera out and capture the moments between these two.

Chloe is now grabbing for toys just like her brother. So I guess learning to share is in the near future.

Connor keeps acting like he wants to roll over but he's just taking his time with it.

He spots something he's interested in (usually momma) and goes to his side and starts reaching and wobbling back and forth.

Since Chloe started reaching for toys, I decided to put her in the chair with the toys on it. And then I put Connor up next to her to show her how to play with it.

I imagine this conversation between them:
Connor - "I got the keys, lets go"
Chloe - "Ok, I got Moo Moo, I'm ready..."
Chloe - "Can we take a nap first?"
Girlfriend loves her naps.

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