Thursday, December 19, 2013

Interval Timer Shooting

I read something the other day about a woman who set her camera on Interval Timer Shooting mode and just set the camera up on a shelf and it took all the pictures on Christmas morning and she could actually enjoy the event AND be in the pictures. I thought this sounded amazing, so I wanted to try it out.
While the kids were upstairs playing in the playroom last night, I played with my camera and set it all up. This is what we got, it's not perfect, but it's kind of fun. I set it to go off every 10 seconds but I think for Christmas morning I will set it for every 30 seconds.
I look tired, pale, chubby, and just awful, but at least I'm in some pictures so my kids know that I was around!
Of course I will also have the video camera set up and running during all of this too but at least the whole video won't be of me trying to take as many pictures as I can instead of enjoying my time with my family!


  1. When I read about this, I was freaking out. Why didn't I know about this last year!
    Maybe this year I will enjoy my children opening their gifts without looking thru a view finder.

  2. OMG!!! this is a BRILLIANT idea!! Now I need to figure out how to use my timer ASAP! thanks for this post!