Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Christmas Card

Let's recap the past few years in Christmas cards...
In 2011, we had 2 Christmas cards because I ordered some and then quickly realized I didn't have enough so I ordered some more, but different. I really don't remember why. I'm sure it was because I loved them both and couldn't make a decision. I was pregnant!
In 2012, I used several pictures for our card. It was our very first family card and I was so excited!
This year, I knew I just wanted to do a one picture card. So I was keeping my fingers crossed for a decent family photo from our shoot.
And I kept getting drawn back to this picture. It's not a perfectly posed picture. I'm not even looking at the camera! But it's a candid shot of my family, smiling and together and I love everything about it.

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