Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Playing in the snow!

We had a snow storm come through last Thursday night. School was closed on Friday and I had to go to work so David got to be snowed in with the kids.
We talked on Face Time and they showed me where the snow was.
Saturday was in the single digits so I didn't really feel like getting them out in the freezing cold just yet! But by Sunday, we were stir crazy and had to get out.
We went to our first ever movie at the movie theater! We saw Frozen! It's the #1 movie right now and I thought it was appropriate on a snowy day.
They did so great! They watch movies at home all the time and Chloe can almost sit through a whole movie in our living room, so I knew as long as the movie was good, she would have no problem.
 I was a little worried about Connor. He loses interest usually about half way through sometimes. But they both did so good! They sat through the whole thing...almost 2 hours! Chloe loved it! I kept asking her if she liked this movie and her eyes would get big and she would nod her head yes. Connor eventually wound up laying down in David's lap but he still never really took his eyes off the screen. I don't expect this to happen every time, but I'm so happy they enjoyed their first experience! And the movie was really good.
  When we got back home, we ventured out into the snow in the driveway for a few minutes before going in for lunch and a nap.
After our nap (and yes, I nap every time they do now!), we bundled up and went out to play. Connor loved it. Chloe probably would have rather been inside watching a movie.
David tried to get Chloe to make a snow angel with him. She just kept backing away saying "no no no".

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