Thursday, January 24, 2013

The wagon

We had a big birthday party for the twins this past Saturday but I have no pictures of it to show you. WHAT?!?! Crazy, huh?
 Well, this is because I didn't actually take any pictures of their birthday party. I was too busy. I was too busy getting everything ready, taking care of 2 fussy babies, trying to entertain guests, blowing out birthday candles, and opening presents.
But what I wasn't too busy to do was hire a professional photographer to take the pictures for me and it was by far the BEST decision I could have made. It was also my favorite part of the birthday party. So pictures are coming soon, I just don't have them right now.
I did this for a few reasons. I knew I was going to be too busy to run around and try to get pictures of everything that was going on. I also wanted to be involved and experience the party with my babies. I also knew I wanted to be in the pictures with my family, which doesn't happen very often. I also knew I wanted good quality pictures. So again, the best decision ever and I will do it every year!
Anyway, what I do have is a few pictures of the twins the next day, riding in their wagon that they got for their birthday.
They love being outside and they love this wagon. So far, we have just pulled them around the yard and down the street a little bit.
Look at all of those teeth!

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