Thursday, August 16, 2012

Slow Down!

Dear Babies,
Remember when I used to say things like "I can't wait until you sit up..."? Ok, well you're doing that now so lets just push the pause button and stop growing for a little while, ok?! You're growing up way too fast and I don't like it!

I had to do some shopping after I picked the babies up from day care yesterday and they rode in the stroller without their car seats for the first time together. I've done it once before with just Chloe because Connor was sleeping and I didn't want to get him out of his car seat. So I guess this was the first time for Connor and he LOVED it! When he does something new he always gets this big smile on his face like he's really accomplished SOMETHING. Like "look at me everyone! Do you all see this?! I'm a big boy!" He had the best time sitting up and he just jabbered away at me the whole time. And Chloe was like "this is old news...". So maybe next time Connor will get to sit in front of the bus and Chloe will ride caboose!

Both babies are sitting up so good now. Connor has been sitting up for a while but still falling over pretty easily until this week. He now catches himself most of the time before he face plants into the floor. And then just in the last couple of days, Chloe has been doing the same thing and they both sit up most of the time when they're playing. And I can actually walk away with them sitting up on the floor where before I had to sit right behind them to spot them just in case they fell straight back.

So now that they're sitting up, I need time to slow down. Thank you!

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