Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lately happenings...

The babies are so close to getting teeth.  I can't feel anything yet, but the drool has definitely picked up a ton, they're chewing on everything constantly and have been waking up during the night crying like they're in pain.  It seems like it's happening to both of them at the same time, which I didn't expect.

They're playing a lot more and are so interested in everything around them.

We have a jumperoo and an excersaucer and since Chloe still can't touch the floor in the jumperoo she's usually in the excersaucer playing and Connor is in the jumperoo.

She spins around in her chair, going from toy to toy like she's very busy.

He loves to jump up and down in his jumperoo, but lately he rocks side to side in it. This makes a fun squeaking noise!

We've tried using sippy cups for the past couple of weeks but haven't had much luck. That is until I bought these Nuk sippy cups. I put them down on the babies' high chair trays and just walked away and didn't really expect anything. I turned around and they had both picked them right up and Connor already had his in his mouth! He loves water so he was excited to figure it out.

Chloe isn't too crazy about water, so she mainly just chews on it.

And she waves it around and eventually throws it on the floor

I know them using sippy cups is such a little thing, but I love seeing them discover new things and develop into little people.

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