Monday, July 1, 2013

First time on the boat

Connor and Chloe have been on a boat before, just not our boat. We have barely been on our boat in the last 2 years. Last year, they were still babies and it was hard to get them out on our boat on our own with no help so it was just easier to go out on my parents boat with them. And then the year before that, I was newly pregnant and I was convinced I shouldn't be out in the 100 degree heat and the blue-green algae in the lakes!
So this weekend, we finally did it! I was all prepared to handle both kids on my own while David drove the boat, but luckily my parents decided to come along.
I knew C&C would love it because they love all things moving (cars, airplanes, boats, etc.). They did so good with their life jackets (surprisingly enough they were the same ones they wore last year). And when we got parked we put on their puddle jumpers so they could swim easier.
They both loved driving the boat and waving to all of the other boats.


  1. So fun! I love their age!

    You may already know this but the puddle jumpers are coast guard approved! They aren't okay for tubing, ect but they are fine for boating! Aren't those things the best ever?

    1. I wasn't sure about that, that's why I put them in the other life jackets for the boat ride. Thanks for the info!