Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

Before we headed out to the family BBQ on the 4th of July, I attempted to get a few pictures of the kids together in their red, white, and blue. And you know how that goes these days...
Of course my little model goes and sits on the step when I tell her it's time to take some pictures. Thank you child!
But Connor insisted on holding his picture book the whole time. He needed to catch up on what his animals were doing.
I just want ONE picture with them both looking!!
And this is what happened when I tried to take his book away for just one picture:
So he got the book back...
And then he had to tell me all about it.
After lunch, C&C went swimming with cousins at Grandma and Papaw's house.
After a little nap, we headed back to watch the fireworks.
I really want some pictures of me with the kids, so here is my attempt. At least they look at the iPhone because they can see themselves in it!
Watching the big cousins shoot fireworks. I can't even believe they were sitting this close to each other without pushing at each other. Chloe loves sitting by Connor but he never wants her to touch him! So this was rare!
The rest of the weekend was pretty miserable. Both kids got sick (shocker!) and we had to make a special trip to the doctor on Saturday. I won't go in to it all but it mainly included vomiting and fevers. Turns out that Connor has a double ear infection and Chloe has another respiratory infection. Connor was super clingy and when he wasn't stuck to me, he would just lay down on the floor. He actually fell asleep a few times like this during lunch.
Chloe loved the pallet I made for her in the living room and napped off and on during her Saturday morning cartoons.
  I think we're all getting better though. Both made it to school Monday morning and we have been fever free since last night.

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