Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day of Fun

The school was closed unexpectedly on Monday because of a water main break. So I took a vacation day from work and just enjoyed my kids (and pretended I was a stay at home mom!).
We got up early(just like every day!), and ate breakfast and then got ready to go to the park. I knew it was going to get up to at least 100 degrees that day, so I wanted to beat the heat and play outside early and play inside in the afternoon. That turned out to be a horrible plan! It was like 90 degrees and 100% humidity at 9:00 am! So we didn't play for very long.
Chloe loves doing down the slide. By the way, it's extremely hard to focus on getting my camera settings right and watching 2 wobbly toddlers run around on a toy that seems as tall as a mountain!
Connor just runs back and forth across the bridge.
After sweating it out on the playground, we headed for the swings.
It was SO hot! All I could think about was jumping into a pool! But after deciding that I wasn't sure if I could handle both kids in a real pool all by myself, we opted for blowing up the kiddie pool on the back porch.
Chloe figured out how to put the fish on the fishing pole, so I would tell them to go fishing and she would put a fish on.
I'm not sure if she is worried that Connor will take all the toys away from her (because he usually does) or what, but Chloe has starting showing signs of hoarding! She will grab as many toys as she can hold and either just carry them around or put them in her shopping cart and push them around.
After swimming, we ate lunch, the kids napped while I did some things around the house and then we watched movies and played inside until it was time for dinner. They played together REALLY good and I just sat back and enjoyed watching them play.

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