Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1/2 Birthday Celebration

Chloe and Connor turned 18 months last Friday, so we decided to have a mini 1/2 birthday celebration with cupcakes.
We taught them how to fist bump or give knuckles and they think it's hilarious. Here they are giving knuckles to each other, like they're saying "Happy half birthday to you!"
Before bed, we settled in for a movie. This has become our nightly routine on the weekends. They are really starting to get in to the movies.
I told them to take their binks out so I could take their picture and this is what I got.
It must have been some kind of half birthday miracle that I got a picture of both of them looking at the camera AND smiling! Yes, they have binks in their mouths, but I will take it!
Yes, I told them to hold hands. I tell them to hold hands all the time and they only listen maybe 2 out of 10 times. But isn't this just the sweetest. We're also trying to get them to hug each other good night. Hopefully it will help out with the fighting? Not really sure. I'm just making this whole parenting twins thing up as I go!

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