Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Fun

I feel like we have been sick the whole summer, so far. So it was nice to actually get outside and do some summer stuff this weekend!
I also really wanted to try to just enjoy Connor and Chloe and soak it all in. I find myself getting overwhelmed sometimes with their fighting and temper tantrums. I tried to just let it all go, not really have a schedule or plan for the weekend and just enjoy them.
We went swimming on Saturday.
The puddle jumper is still a little big on Chloe, but it does the job. She is getting really good at controlling herself in the water when she's just floating too. Connor was more confident in the water this time too.
C&C also spent their first night away from home and away from mom and dad! They stayed the night at GiGi's house. We didn't have anything planned but it was just a nice break and to it was sooooo nice to sleep past 6:30 am! And I heard that they did so good. No fighting or fits. They played together and even loved on each other a lot. I wish they acted that way around me! I guess they are just fighting for my attention all the time that it just seems like they are fussy ALL the time. But they really are good babies, from what I hear!
After I picked them up from GiGi's on Sunday, they had a nap and then we headed outside to play while we watched Daddy work in the backyard.
I didn't have the blow up pool out so we stayed cool by playing with the water table and eating push pops for the first time!
They both loved them, even Connor that hated ice cream just a few weeks ago. Chloe eventually dropped hers on the ground and ran off to play but Connor stuck with the whole thing and got REALLY mad when it was all gone :(
I knew we had gotten too lucky when we went the whole weekend without an illness...
Connor went to bed with a fever last night and was moaning and groaning all night.  I couldn't sleep because all I could think about was how was I going to tell work that I had a sick kid yet again!!!  But thankfully, no fever when he woke up this morning so my fingers are crossed I don't get a phone call today!

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  1. I NEED to get those little floaties for our summer vacation this year. And Chloe's swim suit is just too cute!