Monday, July 1, 2013

Feeding the ducks

The weather was so nice yesterday morning that I couldn't resist getting C&C out to the park while David was helping his dad. They climbed on the big toy (which terrifies me!). Chloe does really good, climbs up the stairs and walks over to a slide and slides down. Connor just walks back and forth on the top of the toy and won't come down. And it's really hard to be right by both of them incase they decide to take a step off the toy!
And of course we did some swinging in the swings.
We also attempted to feed some ducks. I threw some bread out to the ducks and then handed a piece to Chloe to throw. She threw it and then I handed a piece of bread to Connor and he ate it. I then gave a piece to Chloe again and she ate it. So I guess we don't understand how feeding the ducks works yet.
This is when I had to run the ducks off because I was afraid they were going to attack the kids that were eating their bread!

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