Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sick again

Connor has been home sick again this week. Last week, he had ear infections in both ears so he was put on an antibiotic for that but then on Sunday night he started running a fever again.
 So we called the doctor on Monday morning when he woke up with a fever and they said to watch him for the day and if it continued into Tuesday to bring him in.
 So we woke up on Tuesday with a fever yet again. David stayed home with him and took him to the doctor. They said his ears looked clear and they couldn't find anything else. So they decided to do a chest x-ray and some blood work. He had "possible bronchitis" and his blood work showed mild anemia. So, we started a new antibiotic, breathing treatments and a daily multi-vitamin for the low iron in his blood.
But none of those things caused fevers, so we are assuming maybe it was a virus? Who knows. All I know is that I am so sick of my kids getting sick every other week!
Thankfully, he woke up with no fever this morning so he's back at school and we are all back to work.
And just because every post needs some pictures...
I love those big brown eyes!
Chloe washing her face.
Doing the Hot Dog Dance with Minnie.
Trying to escape.  She is such a little monkey, always climbing on everything. 
My sick boy on my day home with him this week.  I think he really wants to be an only child.  He loved playing with all of his toys by himself.  But he was so happy when Chloe came home...for about 5 minutes.
He got mad at me for opening the front door to let some more light in. 

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