Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Iphone pics from the past week...

Cooper is trying lots of new table foods lately and is almost completely done with baby food all together. His teacher text this picture of him trying watermelon for the first time.
Last Wednesday, our tornado sirens went off so we headed down into the storm shelter for the first time since we had it installed last summer.
I was in a hurry to round everyone up and pack a quick bag and try to get everyone to potty and get their shoes on and Chloe kept asking if she could wear her Cinderella dress and if she could take her puppy and her wand because she was a princess. I said yes to everything except the princess slippers. I made her put real shoes on. Connor was just excited to wear his new rain boots.
They both kept asking if were going to stay down there all night and they ate all the snacks I packed within 10 minutes of being down there.

Last Thursday, I got a call from the kids' school saying that Connor had fallen on the playground and hit his mouth on some stairs and knocked his tooth loose and was bleeding. I called their dentist and got in right away to get it checked out.
Everything turned out to be fine. He was just a little banged up.
 After our appointment, I took him out to lunch. He requested French fries and ice cream.

We had soccer on Saturday and got matching shirts!
This was our attempt at a team picture.

That afternoon, we did a lot of playing outside.

Last night after dance class, I had to run into the grocery store for a few items and Chloe asked if she could "have maybe just one apple". So I let her pick out her apple and she ate it on the way home and was proud to show Daddy and Connor. She told me that she didn't get Connor an apple because he doesn't like them.

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