Monday, October 1, 2012

They get it, we all get it!

The babies came home sick on Friday, both of them. So of course, we all got it. Luckily (or not) it was only a 24 hour bug because everyone was feeling better by Sunday. The babies had it the worst though. I felt so bad for them. I won't go into details but lets just say that we had lots of baths, lots of diaper changes, frustrating feedings, and I did lots of laundry. But other than that, the babies were still in good moods and continued their normal playing routine.
Playing Patty Cake with Daddy.
In addition to being sick, Connor was cutting his first tooth this weekend! But he was so good and he didn't even act like it was bothering him. I just randomly checked for teeth and was shocked to get a little snag on my finger! I was so excited. He's probably not that excited.
Chloe got a pretty good battle wound at day care last week. We're not sure who did it or if she did it to herself. She's pretty fearless so I'm sure she was climbing on something. I predict she will have plenty more of these after watching her take several pretty good falls this weekend. Connor is more on the cautious side and hasn't taken a nose dive into anything yet.
We're taking baths like big kids now, without the baby seats. They love it! And of course Chloe does this the whole time:
We all stayed in our pjs yesterday and just played and relaxed. I actually took naps when the babies did and I didn't feel one bit guilty. That's huge for me because I always try to cram some chore in during their naps, but I refused to do it yesterday.
Playing with Peanut. They LOVE Peanut. Oh, and if you're wondering, Brutus is still around. I know the dogs get a little neglected because of the babies, but we're trying to pay a little more attention to them these days.  But Brutus is terrified of all the baby equipment all over the house, so he's usually hiding out in a corner somewhere.
My happy babies feeling better!

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