Monday, October 29, 2012

Catch Up

This is just a random post to document a few things.
Chloe playing with Peanut.
We love shopping at Sam's because of the double cart! So much fun!
We bought a big bucket of Christmas ornaments while we were at Sam's and Connor held on to them the whole time for some reason.
  The babies have started holding hands or reaching for each other when they're in their high chairs or riding side by side in the jogging stroller.
We're starting to eat some table food. This part is hard for me because I do NOT cook. I'm content eating something from a box or a peanut butter sandwich every night. I'm also extremely picky so a lot of my meals that I do cook all usually have the same ingredients, like cheese, pasta, meat, etc. Not to mention, we usually don't have time to cook in the evenings when we're trying to take care of the babies and play with them, feed the dogs, and maintain the daily household stuff. So David and I usually just try to make something quick and eat all in about a 15 minute time frame.
This past weekend we started off with some Mac n Cheese and baked potatoes.
They did pretty good and actually got some of it in their mouths! At times they acted like they really liked it and then they would turn their head or just throw it on the ground, but then go back to eating it and liking it. So who knows... I sure don't know what I'm doing!
We also hit a few milestones in the last week. Chloe has started letting go and trying to stand on her own.
And Connor is now pushing up to sit up on his own all the time and has even started pulling up on his knees and every once in a while pulling to stand up! He really has had so many changes in the last week. Even though he has been a little behind her on the sitting up and pulling up, he caught up so fast, all in one weekend actually! It's amazing! I guess something clicked and he was just ready!
This also means I'm in trouble! More movement is so exciting but also more dangerous! We can't take our eyes off of them because they are so fast. Chloe is even trying to climb the stairs about every other minute. Time for another baby gate!

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