Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Over it!

I'm so over this heat! It's miserable!!!

This is what I see every time I look at the forecast for the week:

Temperatures are over 100 every day and there's no chance of rain.

I love the summer time more than any other time of the year, but I'm ready for this one to be over and these are the reasons why:
1)It's too hot to enjoy any outdoor activities.
2)We're now on mandatory water rationing so our grass has died and the flowers are barely hanging on.
3)The dogs don't get to spend any time outside and they look at me like I've grounded them because they are stuck inside all the time.
4)Going to the pool to cool off would be nice if the water didn't feel like a warm bath - not refreshing at all.
5)Blue Green Algae!!! - All of the lakes are filled with it so unless you want to risk the chance of having liver failure, there's no getting in!

The heat is really making me cranky!

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