Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year, we are a Skeleton, a Puppy, and Cinderella.
Connor was not into taking pictures and was mad because the gloves on his costume didn't fit right, so he went inside.
Cooper panting like a dog.
Connor picked a skeleton after the Pottery Barn costume catalog came in the mail. I didn't get that exact one but he was dead set on being a skeleton. He said he liked it because it was scary.
Chloe originally said she wanted to be a cat after looking at the catalog. So after I found cat ears, a tail, a black leotard, and black tights, she changes her mind and wants to be a princess. At first, she wanted to be Rapunzel. No problem, because we already have a Rapunzel dress. Then she changed her mind and wanted to be Elsa. Nope. We did Elsa last year... it's time to LET IT GO.
 So I suggested Cinderella since I had already bought her the new Cinderella style dress and she agreed. But, the dress I already had was too big on her and kept falling of her shoulders. So again, I was on the hunt for yet another Cinderella costume and found this one from the Disney Store and the best part about it is that it lights up! She's so excited about going trick or treating in her light up dress!
After we took these pictures she informed me that we forgot to put her choker on.
Cooper is a puppy dog because he loves dogs. Anytime he sees a dog he sticks his tongue out and pants like a dog. It's the cutest thing. So I just pictured him panting like a dog the whole time he wears his costume. And I wanted something comfy for him.
Now I have to figure out how to fix Connor's gloves so we don't have a meltdown on Halloween!

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