Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our time off

School was closed from December 24th through January 4th, so we all took some time off to spend together.

We spent most of our time in our jammies and playing with all of our new stuff we got for Christmas. I had big plans full of all kinds of activities but it was too cold and wet outside to do anything. So, we just played and watched a lot of tv and took a few naps.
Chloe asked me to straighten her hair one day and she turned into something sassy!
We did get out one day and stopped by the new Rustic Cuff store on our way to the Aquarium.
Then we stayed inside for a few more days and played games.
One day, Chloe had a play date at her BFF Betsey's house.

While she was there, David kept Cooper while I took Connor bowling.
By then end of our break, Momma was ready to get out of the house, Connor was ready to get back to school to see his friends, Chloe was ready to go back to school only if Betsey was going to be there, and Cooper was wearing us all out!

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